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Please fill out the entire application, we promise all information is secured. If you were referred by someone please make sure to add the name of that contact person or company below so we can thank them for the new client.

If you would like to fill this out on a physical copy, please click the link below this message, it will take you to our customer application form you can download it and fill it out. Once completed with the application, please send it to email with the subject as "New Customer Application." If you have any questions or problems with downloading the form or filling out the online application please call 1.248.920.8049.

Once everything is completed, a CL customer representative will follow up with you to confirm your setup is complete and will help you with any assistance you may need. We thank you for choosing CL as your premier logistics provider, we look forward to working with you.




BANK INFORMATION (Required on all applications)

In order to streamline the credit and billing process, please provide the following information



1. PAYMENT TERMS: Payment in full within 30 days of invoice date or sooner if required by Crow Logistics, LLC. In the event that a payment is not timely made, the Customer agrees to pay Crow Logistics, LLC interest on any overdue amount in the sum of 1.5% per month.Payment will be through Triumph Business Capital a factoring company.

2. DEFAULT AND REMEDIES: If you do not pay any payment or other sum due to us when due or if you break any of your promises in the Credit Application/Terms/Guaranty or any other agreement with us, you will be in default. If you are ever in default, Crow Logistics, LLC may retain all payments made by you and, at our option we can terminate or cancel this Credit Application/Terms/Guaranty and require that you pay the accelerated unpaid balance owed to Crow Logistics, LLC. If Crow Logistics, LLC retains an attorney or collection agency as a result of your default, you agree to pay our reasonable attorney’s or collection agency’s fees and actual court costs. YOU AGREE THAT CROW LOGISTICS LLC WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE TO PAY YOU ANY CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES FOR ANY DEFAULT BY US UNDER THIS CREDIT APPLICATION/TERMS/GUARANTY. You agree that any delay or failure to enforce Crow Logistics, LLC.’s rights under this Credit Application/Terms/Guaranty does not prevent Crow Logistics, LLC from enforcing any rights at a later time.

3. LAW: This Credit Application/Terms/Guaranty shall be governed and controlled by the laws of the state (as to interpretation, enforcement, validity, construction, and effect and in all other respects) of Michigan. You expressly consent to jurisdiction and venue of any state or federal court in Michigan and waive the right to trial by jury for any claim or action arising out of or relating to this Credit Application/Terms/Guaranty. You waive the right of defense of an inconvenient forum


Required if in business less than 2 years. As additional inducement for Crow Logistics, LLC to enter into the Credit Application/Terms/Guaranty, the undersigned unconditionally and personally guarantees that the Customer will make all payments and meet all obligations required under this Credit Application/Terms/ Guaranty and any supplements fully and promptly. You agree that Crow Logistics, LLC may make other arrangements, including compromise or settlement with the Customer, and you waive all defenses and notice of those changes, and will remain responsible for the payment and obligations of this Credit Application/Terms/Guaranty. Crow Logistics, LLC does not have to notify you if the Customer is in default. If the Customer defaults, you will immediately pay in accordance with the default provisions of the Credit Application/Terms/Guaranty. If it is necessary for Crow Logistics, LLC to proceed legally to enforce this Guaranty, you expressly consent to the jurisdiction of the court set out in the Terms and agree to pay all costs, including reasonable attorney or collection agency fees, incurred in the enforcement of this Guaranty. It is not necessary for us to proceed first against the Customer before enforcing this Guaranty.

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